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Tecnoplast” was founded in 1984 by Giovanni Ferrari who, after completing his technical studies and a period of training at the Montedison research and development facilities, which was followed by experiences in some productive realities in the plastics moulding field, decided to start a company, which this year celebrates 35 years.

The basic setting of Tecnoplast reflects the personal characteristics of the founder, in particular for the vocation to the research and development of new technologies, either for the materials used or the manufacturing processes, supported by the internal equipment of design and construction systems of even very complex moulds that makes Tecnoplast completely autonomous and able to complete the entire production cycle.

These characteristics, proven by many activities carried out over the years, have made Giovanni Ferrari and Tecnoplast more than a supplier of plastic moulding articles but a partner whom clients, consisting of leading companies in the industry, turned to and continue doing so also for technical support in the research and development process and/or study of new articles that require the use of innovative materials and/or technologically advanced processes.


The moulding department counts 20 presses from 30 to 850 tons (BMB, ARBURG, SANDRETTO) managing to produce a wide range of items. These presses are equipped with robots capable of performing various operations, making the cycle completely automated.

As already underlined, the management’s particular care to technological innovation makes the production system in continuous improvement, always at the customer’s service. In addition to a production of moulding articles, a department dedicated to subsequent operations has gradually developed that, with assembly and customisation, leads to the finished product; among these operations, often supported by equipment designed for the specific case, bi-component moulding, ultrasonic welding, silk-screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping and sublimation are included.

The type of presses and the technical knowledge of the company, developed over many years of activity through the incessant research for process innovations, allow Tecnoplast to mould many types of plastic materials, freeing itself from polypropylene to high temperature materials such as: polycarbonate, ABS, SAN, PE, Polysulfone, filled Nylon, Nylon Carbon, polyamide 6.66, thermoplastic rubber, PVC, polyurethane, Polystyrene, PMMA, Plexiglas and various other special materials.

The mechanical department has 3 work centres, lathe, plane grinding and electrical discharge machining. Thanks to the experience of its staff, Tecnoplast is able to design and manufacture very complex moulds, taking advantage of quality materials.



The experience in the field of plastic moulding, even in very demanding conditions, has meant that Tecnoplast, in addition to being the ideal partner for product development and, as such, in relations with customers, has become a privileged interlocutor for the moulding machine builders who have entrusted Tecnoplast with the development of prototype machines and advanced equipment, which then found current applications after testing and completing the industrialisation work.